The bird’s eye view with any extreme level of excitement is what Zipline is known for. It enhances mind body co-ordination. Strengthen yourself with the boosting enthusiasm, thrill and excitement. It will be stress buster, which will enhance self-confidence, courage and vitality. Back yourself, craft yourself and go with the winds of amaze.

The soothing ride is one of the attraction, kids as well as adults look out for. 

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Jumping Jackson, is what one will be recognized as, after having a bestriding experience with trampoline. Be in the aerial state for a fraction, and have an experience of lifetime. Bouncing back with an impact to fly high in the sky, is what, trampoline teach you. Trampoline makes you to discover an integration of balance, joy, happiness and so many unexplainable. Let the vibes of smiling faces and the windy thunder of adventure encourage you to drive yourself into the ground. Twist or tilt yourself while being in the air, and feel like being the king of the world.

Snook Ball

Snook Ball is conceptually same as that of Snooker. It provides enormous joy along
with unique experience. Snooker is played with the help of cue stick and small balls,
whereas, Snook Ball will be played by players themselves. They will be stepped in
the baize. There are same six number of pockets in the Snook Ball, as that of
Snooker. The players will have to pocket the balls in sequence. Those players or
Teams will be winners, who will pocket the predetermined number of balls.
This activity will be enjoyed more by teams rather than individual players. Snook Ball
is designed to play by adults.
As you are in Adventure Park to spend your quality time with your loved ones, you
will definitely enjoy the activity to be played along with your group. So, be ready to
have a common cheer!

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Set your goal! Mark your Target!!And Bang On …

Push your limits to the extreme ….and hit it!!

Practice the thrill of an ancient Indian Skill … An Archery.

It is the perfect combination of concentration, co-ordination among eyes, hands and mind. An archery is the symbol of being focused, being stable and being attentive. Be the winner with dedication, efforts and perfection as your weapons, while have a bow in your control. It is the perfect corporate game to be played in the friendliest manner in your adventure destination.

Play the game, and take the maximum out of it, in the serene environment.

Penalty Kick

An activity suggests that, it is related with penalty, but at actual, it is bonus. Penalty
Kick is the game, which raises the level of concentration and enhances co-ordination
among mind, feet and eyes. It is conceptually same, as that of penalty kick in soccer.
The participant has to target the smaller and compact net, which is placed in the
outer bigger net.
It is the fun gaining activity, which the adults can enjoy either with their family
members or with their friends. Whoever, will have more kicks in the net will be the
Penalty Kick has been meant for adults. An activity teaches you to be focused on
your goal and encourages your footwork will be definitely must try for you. Then why
are you waiting for?

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Rocket Bungy

Gear it up like a rocket ….

The ride, packed with lots of goosebumps, titillation and out of the world feeling is named as “Rocket Bungee.” The ride, one is familiar with, due to its appearance in various well known movies is calling you, offering a sip of excitement and thrill. Feeling like a free bird, and having a micro view towards the ground, is an experience beyond imagination. Stimulate every nerve of excitement and thrill with balanced blend of rocket bungee ropes.

Let the relaxation be sensed at the height of …….. Let the gravity of the earth hold your nerves. So, get, set, jump…..

Sky Rope Course

Touch the sky …. Reach up high

Another enthusiasing ride is waiting for you with a name “Sky Rope”. The game of hope, defining equilibrium and unpredictable ups and downs is known as, Sky Rope. The heaven’s line distinguishes the support from nurturing earth and the aspiring vision of sky. The adventurous sport represents the zeal towards thrill, in the lap of nature. Be the eternal sailor and have the command on your mind, with a pool of adventure, enthusiasm and passion.

Balance yourself to move ahead, face all the hurdles with complete credence, is what the learning lesson of sky rope. So, take a breath and get ready ….

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Ground Rope Course

Ground rope comprises of four different activities. Generally, enthusiasm and thrill
gets related with height. But, it is not true all the time. Ground Rope teaches the
chilling excitement, one can experience at the ground level. Walking across the
bridge, having support from only ropes tied and specially, when the path is full of
obstacles, is definitely agitating activity.

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