Water Park

September 20, 2020

Diamond Water Park in Lohegaon, Pune Who does not like to frolic in the water? We all do and that’s why there are many water parks around that bring the inner child in us. Diamond Water Park is one of the best water parks in Pune where one can soak themselves to the bone and have a lot of fun. Diamond water park Lohegaon is a great place to escape from the heat and toil of the week, a place where you can dissolve all your worries. The park is spread over a massive 25 acres of land and there are rides for kids and adults alike, making this a perfect place for family outings. Though Pune has a pleasant climate throughout the year, the summers can sometimes be very scorching and during the summer season, this place comes alive with huge crowds cooling off and having fun at the many water rides. Water rides at the Diamond water park, Pune There are about 8 attractions in this water park. The Wave pool mimics the experience of being on a beach, the waves vary from gentle a ripple to a good splash, the wave pool is truly the next best thing to a beach. The ‘Octopus’, is not for the weak-hearted. This adrenalin pumped ride will twist and turn you around till you do not know where your hands, feet or head are. Many lion-hearted guys and girls have whimpered like little kittens when on this ride, however once you hit the pool the rush that you experience makes you want to jump out of the pool and go back on top to have another go at the ride. The ‘Multilane’ does not have many twists and turns like the ‘Octopus’, however, it is at a height that may give you the Goosebumps. This ride has many lanes side by side, so getting your friend to be on the lane next time will not only be fun but reassuring too. At the ‘Cyclone’ ride, you can go round and round in a funnel-shaped tube which then drops you in the pool; this is a unique and fun ride. The Family pool, Kiddy pool, Wet bubble and Rain dance are rides that can be enjoyed by all from little babies (with supervision) and adults alike and though not adventurous it is very much enjoyable. Diamond water park in Pune is open between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information regarding the tariffs and rules and regulations, you can visit their website